South Coast Food and Wine Festival

Enchanté! Le Petit Bar made her debut at the inaugural South Coast Food and Wine Festival in September 2019.  To say we were overwhelmed by the public response would be an understatement. Our plan was to use the event to introduce Le Petit Bar to the general public and treat the whole exercise as a promotional opportunity.

As we trundled our way to the Berry Showgrounds we were anticipating a cruisy weekend where we could enjoy the show and maybe sell a few Champagnes from the Le Petit Bar Champagne Bar. In fact, we thought we’d probably drink more than we’d sell.

Well ooh la la, the crowd was so thirsty for our Champagnes and Mimosas that the queue was twelve deep. Call me surprised, but I actually had to put down my glass and get on with the job! By the end of that first day, we had come close to selling out of our fabulous Vadin-Plateau Champagnes. I toyed with the idea of a mercy dash to Uncle Dans for reinforcements for the next day, but we decided to wing it and if we sold out early then that was actually a good problem to have.

The weekend left us feeling mighty proud and more than a little weary (but in a good way). So here’s santé (that’s French for cheers) to us, and santé to you! – Joshi

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